The VTuber

vampire bat demon
354 years old
gender is a human thing

The "irl"

if you know, you know
22 years old
nb they/them

Variety stream
Mostly in english, sometimes portuguese
Gacha, mobile and random chill games



-VRoid model by me




-Overlays by me

-Logo by me

Notes before you follow

I'm extremely new at this, I'm anxious, I'm not an artist and my computer wasn't made to stream, please be patient with me
I'm over 18 so I might swear and mention slight nsfw content, not always and I'll try to avoid it both on twitter and twitch but be aware of that if you're a minor
I do not support NFTs so please refrain from following if you do
Don't follow me if: Racist, lgbtq+ phobic, MAP (and supporters), just don't be an overall terrible person lol
Batsy's personality is fairly different from mine so I might be ooc sometimes especially in streams
I'm aware I can't control who follows me and my followers don't determine who I am but please follow those rules and do let me know through dms if I'm following someone problematic